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Grass Fed Beef: Does it Matter? One Nutritionist’s Perspective

The world of food and nutrition is a hot bed of debate. People often hold their beliefs of what one should eat as tightly as their political or religious views – it is a topic best left out of polite conversation. I don’t think there is any one diet or way of eating that works for all humans all the time, but I do strongly believe that the quality of our food counts. I encourage people to eat whole, minimally processed foods most of the time. And when it comes to beef, I suggest seeking out local grass fed and grass finished sources. 

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Easy Beef Freezer Dinners

Check out these three beef freezer recipes from Linsdey of Nourish Move Love! They are wholesome, kid-friendly and perfect for back-to-school, dinner, maternity leave or weekend trips. Shop our grassfed beef and find other great recipes from Minnesota Beef!

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Pastured Chicken!

Within the first couple weeks of meeting customers when we purchased this business, we heard from several people that they would love if we offered pastured chicken at the Grass Fed Cattle Company. You asked, and we listened! We are going to start offering pastured chicken and you can reserve your chicken today! Curious why we think you should buy chicken directly from our farm? We hope this newsletters answers all your questions, and if not, please reach out! Pastured chickens consume a different diet than traditionally raised birds. Since they are monogastric animals rather than ruminants, meaning they have a one compartment stomach instead of a four compartment stomach like a cow, they still require grain to grow because they cannot digest grass and...

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